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PostSubject: 9/5/08 TORONTO TARANTA SA BDAY NI PAPI   Sun Sep 07, 2008 10:03 am



Re: 09/05/08 Molson Amphitheatre Toronto, ONT [Re: Anonymous]
Anonymous Anonymous

last nights concert was a DREAM COME TRUE! Arnel definitely did justice to all the songs. He was beyond unbelievable! Molson was jampacked and glad the rain didnt push through. With Heart and Cheap Trick in it, it was just unforgettable!


Re: Toronto Show [Re: Marke]
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Just got home a few hours ago from the concert and it was a night to remember. But first let me tell about my biggest highlight of this show, it happened on Thursday, the day before the big event. I was feeling kinda sick and I was thinking maybe i should call in sick for work, stay in bed and hoping to feel a little better for the next day (Friday-Journey Concert here in Toronto). But guess what? I went to work anyway, BTW I work in one of the famous restaurant in the city and while I was at work I keep thinking and hoping that Arnel will feel better and hopefully he will feel a lot better tomorrow for the concert here. I saw my manager trying to put together a table for six and I gave him a hand to set up the table. About 5 minutes later the party of six came, and I just couldn't believed who I saw coming to this table, it was AP, that's right Journey's lead singer ARNEL PINEDA with 5 of his friends. I greeted Arnel right away and he just shook my hand just like he knew me for a long time. I asked him if he's feeling better and he simply replied - I feel much better, thank you. At this time I got nervous and kinda lost my rhytmn to whatever I was doing, I just didn't expect to see Arnel here and even talked and shook his hand. After their dinner we arranged a little dessert for him that has a message on the plate "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARNEL" with a candle and proudly presented the dessert to him with my co-workers coming from behind his back and we all started singing Happy B-day to the Birthday Boy. He looked so surprised and he just gave us that killer smile and he started shaking our hands. When they were leaving, he kept saying thank you for everything and for all the supports. Wow, this is a super super nice and humble guy. OK, concert day - Cheap Trick was good, Heart was great and JOURNEY was AMAZINGLY UNBELIEVABLE. The sound system of all 3 bands were close to perfection. Journey started with NWA and the crowd went nuts. I noticed that Arnel's voice at the beginning of the show was a little weak, maybe because he was still recovering from bronchitis. They did Separate Ways and the audience went wild, electricity was in the air and by this time, Arnel's voice was fully charged. He just got better and better and by the end of the show he captured everybody's heart. People were dancing, jumping, singing, hands up in the air and it was just a great big party in Toronto. The rest of the band were magnificent and let me tell you, this is the concert that you don't want to miss. JOURNEY, YOU GUYS ROCK, and Thanks Neil for finding Arnel. HAPPY 41ST BIRTHDAY ARNEL. Lastly, Arnel thanked his friends who came here from far away to be with him on his Birthday.
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PostSubject: Re: 9/5/08 TORONTO TARANTA SA BDAY NI PAPI   Tue Sep 09, 2008 10:46 pm

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